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Our state-of-the-art separator film technology guarantees a secure and dependable flow of energy in every lithium-ion battery, empowering the devices that matter most. Whether it's appliances like electric vehicles, energy storage, laptop, or the indispensable smartphone, to batteries facilitating the electrification of transportation.

The separator film plays a pivotal role in lithium-ion batteries, acting as a crucial component. It provides insulation between the battery's anode and cathode, preventing short circuits and overheating, while still facilitating the transport of ions between the electrodes. The quality and design of the separator significantly impact the battery's capacity, life cycle, and, most importantly, its safety.

We take pride in being a driving force behind electrification, producing top-notch films that make a substantial difference.

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes

Our product portfolio comprises separator films manufactured through wet processes, along with coated separators. These separator films find application in a wide range of lithium-ion batteries, powering electric vehicles, energy storage and diverse electronic devices. GNEM excels in the mass production of separator films with a thickness as fine as 3 micrometers, and we are adept at producing single ultra-thin coating layers down to 0.2 micrometers.


Coated seperators

The separator film can feature one or multiple coated layers, introducing additional functionalities such as heightened heat resistance, enhanced long-term cyclability, and safety features. The added functionalities can be tailored to meet our customers' specific requirements, aligning with their manufacturing processes and delivering the desired battery performance. Our technology ensures thermal stability and mitigates self-discharge, contributing to reliable and efficient battery performance.


Wet process

The separator film, manufactured through the wet process, undergoes stretching in two directions, resulting in outstanding mechanical strength and low resistance. Separators produced through the wet process contribute to higher energy density, increased strength, and enhanced safety for lithium-ion batteries.

We Make Electrification safe